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If you find yourself drawn to art that you relate to or feel emotionally, than you are in the right place. My mission is to help heal and nourish feelings, through empathy and compassion. This is especially apparent in my heart print series of work. Each heart print signifies an emotion I have been through and am sharing with you. I welcome you to take a look around, experience my art, and engage with me! Visit my Blog, Instagram, or Facebook Page for info about my art and upcoming shows or events!

Monotype Pet Portrait Package

I am excited to announce that I am offering monotypes of pets! This is due to the popularity of the monotype I did of Mowgli, my dog. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it and people suggesting that I offer this in addition to all my other awesome work. ;)

The idea is to capture the feeling of your pet, not a realistic representation, that is why I will be spending time listening to your stories and getting to know your pet. It is a very special opportunity to not only capture your pets personality and feelings, but also to have a colorful piece of art in your home that not only memorializes the feelings you have about your pet, but really means something to you. 

I recently had a friend ask me to do a portrait of her cat. I was honored, but then I found out that her cat had passed away about a month ago. I was saddened by her loss. It is important that we take the time to remember our pets in a special way and to really enjoy and capture those special moments of our pet while they are still alive. 

To help save all those great memories, I am offering to do a pet portrait photo book in addition to the portrait. Many of us are so busy with our lives and all those photos just end up filling memory on our computers, but this is a great way to create a keepsake of your special family member. The memory book will include photos of your pet that I took, as well as some of your favorites and a short synopsis of your pets life based on our conversations! Plus, it will have the certificate of title and a blurb about my creative process while making your pet's portrait at the end of the book! 

TITLE: Mowgli MEDIA: Monoprint SIZE: 11X14

TITLE: Mowgli MEDIA: Monoprint SIZE: 11X14

Mowgli is very close to my heart. I did this monoprint of him, while he was at the hospital as a pup. Read about the inspiration behind this monotype.

He is the light of our lives! We go everywhere with him. We teach him new tricks all the time! He learns so fast!


$300 Package

Pet Portrait Monotype & Photo Book
I will personally come to your house, take some photos and do some sketches of your pet, listen to your story about your pet and you can provide your favorite photos, play with and get to know your pet for the afternoon, go home and make a hand printed colorful monotype using water-based inks and a baron. At delivery, you'd receive a 9x13 inch monotype on 11 x 15 cotton white archival paper and a small 5-10 page photo book. The book will include a short synopsis or story about your dog based on our conversations, the photos I took, sketches I did, and a couple photos from you if they are digital and at least 300 resolution, a bit about my process of creating the monotype for your pet, certificate of title, and an image of the final monotype.


$150 Package

Pet Portrait Monotype
I will personally come to your house, take some photos and listen to your story about your pet and you can provide your favorite digital photos as well, play with and get to know your pet for the afternoon, go home and make a hand printed colorful monotype using water-based inks. At delivery, you'd receive a 9x13 inch monotype, certificate of title, and I will email the reference photos I took as well!

$125 Package

Pet Portrait Monotype
Another option is that you will provide verbal information about your pet, digital photos and/or video for reference of your pet and I provide just the monotype and certificate of title. This option would work best for people who are not in the Chicagoland area. This does NOT include the cost of shipping the final monotype.

These monotypes are unframed, one of a kind type of art and cannot be recreated. All packages will receive a 9x13 monotype image on 11x15 white archival paper which can be matted and framed into a standard 16x20 frame. If you would like your monotype matted or framed prices begin at an additional $150. This portrait is also a more modern and loosely based image. These monotypes will not be realistic representations of your pet. The idea is to capture the feeling of your pet. Due to the nature of a monotype, I will not be offering changes to the artwork after it is made. In the process of a monotype, sometimes I can make what is called a ghost print. I can make an additional watercolor painting over the ghost if requested for an additional cost.

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All artwork is signed. Please note that colors in some of the digital images may not match the colors of the original artwork.  All prints are made from plates made and printed by hand, resulting in slight differences in each print within all editions. Most measurements are given to the nearest inch.

Photography by Nancy Strahinic.

All reproduction and licensing rights to the artwork and images of artwork are reserved by Lisa Tornatore.