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If you find yourself drawn to art that you relate to or feel emotionally, than you are in the right place. My mission is to help heal and nourish feelings, through empathy and compassion. This is especially apparent in my heart print series of work. Each heart print signifies an emotion I have been through and am sharing with you. I welcome you to take a look around, experience my art, and engage with me! Visit my Blog, Instagram, or Facebook Page for info about my art and upcoming shows or events!

Something About The Color Red Exhibition

Just a Thank You to all those who came out for the exhibition. I exhibited my Listen to your Heart print. Below is a bit about what inspired this print. 

This print was inspired by own spiritual journey. As many of you know, I am very interested in the heart and how emotions are always felt strongest as if coming from the heart. During my journey, I have done some extensive research on the heart and found that the heart has the largest magnetic field than any other part of the body including the brain. I learned that feelings we feel in our heart can actually effect the this large energy field around us resulting in external energy changes as well. It makes sense, in the case of coming into contact with another person and being able to feel or sense how that person is feeling, happy, sad, etc. This picture represents the communication between our brain and our heart, and my own journey to learn to listen to that communication and be conscience of it. Remembering that I choose what I feel and therefore can change how I feel, resulting in changes around me as well. 

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Photography by Nancy Strahinic.

All reproduction and licensing rights to the artwork and images of artwork are reserved by Lisa Tornatore.